End of the Year Teacher Gift

Thursday, May 26, 2016 / Leave a Comment

I couldn't wait for my kids to be in school so I could show their teachers how much they mean to me. I know how much a small gift can lift my spirits, so when my daughter started preschool I couldn't wait to shower her teacher with gifts throughout the year.  Now, we're down to our final one....the end of the year gift!

I wanted S's gift to scream SUMMER VACAY!  After browsing Pinterest for some inspiration, I decided to combine a couple of the gifts I saw.  We work on a tight budget so my goal was to spend less than $20 for both the teacher and teacher's assistant gifts.  

I headed to Target where I found $5 beach towels in the Dollar Spot $5 and below spot???  Luckily the twine was beside the towels for only $1.  We headed to nail care and my daughter picked out two nail polish colors.  While we were waiting to check out she grabbed two magazines and TADA....end of the year teacher gifts!!  After Cartwheel and my 5% red card discount.....$18.83.  SUCCESS!!

Any other end of the year gift ideas??

Happy End of the Year!!


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