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Saturday, January 2, 2016 / 6 comments

It's my FIRST Currently with Farley from Oh Boy! Fourth Grade!!  
I am pretty excited!!

I am a HUGE fan of Apple Music.  For me it's totally worth the $10.59 a month.  The ability to play any song, any time that my toddlers request has been awesome!  It's made my workouts SO much more doable.  With new music every run or a really banging workout playlist, I get through the miles without as much pain.  The playlist I've been playing in the car is called The A-List:  Pop.  Every week, the editors of the playlist pick the 30 or so hottest songs right now in Pop.  It's a good mix and keeps me current!!  Love it!

This break has been all about my kids (minus the overnight trip to Pittsburgh with my husband OH AND the night we saw Kevin Hart).  Anyway, it's all about Sofia (my four year old) and Will (my two year old).  At first, every morning they would wake up and would ask me if I had to go to work today.  Now they don't even ask...it's going to be a hard routine to break up!  We've had so much fun!  Luckily Sofia goes back to preschool on Monday and Will has his Daddy and Me class on Friday morning so I'm trying to get them excited too.  

Naps are killing me!  Sofia doesn't nap anymore, and that's fine.  She's pretty low key and enjoys her "quiet time".  Will, on the other hand, NEEDS A NAP.  Putting him to sleep is a nightmare.  I'm not too proud to admit that I've resorted to, what I call, Mama's Peaceful Car Ride.  This is a no talking, listen to music car ride that leads to Will falling to sleep.  I treasure this time.  Peace and quiet and a quick trip to the Starbucks drive thru!  

Now to the question....we've always kept our kids on a sleep schedule (or have TRIED to keep them on a sleep schedule), but today I LET WILL SLEEP UNTIL HE WOKE UP.  He slept from 1:45 - 5:45.  Dinner, baths, bedtime snack and Clifford Puppy Days are all an hour later.  Will he ever go to sleep tonight or have I created a new kind of monster?  Hmmmm....time will tell.

Wanting:  Another long vacation?  I mean, who doesn't?  My husband said yesterday that he has nothing to look forward to.  Our family situation is that he works nights and I work days so our kids can be at home.  It's hard because we both feel like single parents at times.  My school breaks are our primary time together as a family.  Another long break would be NICE!!

Needing:  I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  Sofia starts kindergarten in the fall.  We own a townhouse that is not in the school district we prefer.  We need to sell and buy a house. We are arguing deciding where to buy.  I'm stressing because Kindergarten Open House is at the end of THIS MONTH in my district.  AHHHH!

One Word:
SIMPLE!!  I'm trying to simplify my life and enjoy every minute.  It might sound silly but I've been trying to focus on being present.  Whether I'm at school or with my family, I want to be present in the moment.  You never get days back and I want to remember enjoying every last minute of every day!

I can't wait to read everyone else's January Currently's!  Happy New Year!!


  1. Oh my! What a coincidence that I'm right after you on Currently! I've enjoyed chatting through IG earlier today.
    I remember those toddler days. My daughter and son are two years, two weeks, and two days apart. I swear my daughter stopped napping the second my son was born. Hang in there, before you know it they'll be grown. Mine are 18 and 16 now and it just seems like yesterday....

    Take care,

    1. Hi! I feel like we are becoming fast friends! Love it! 18 and 16??? Sounds like we had our kids with the same time spacing....I heard time goes by so quickly! Thanks for the advice!!

  2. Good luck with the nap time! Sometimes they need it and things move right along and sometimes it destroys the evening! I feel you, though, when my girls were little, their daddy worked nights and several weekends. It sure does feel like single parenting in that sense. Boy will you cherish the time you are all together! I hope you find the right home-that is most important! Don't worry how long it takes. Good luck to you!

    1. You are so sweet! I need all the luck I can get. :) Finding the right home is so important...thank you for the encouragement!!


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