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Guys!!!! I'm so excited about the 100th day of school this year!!!!

This is my first year teaching full day K (I'm piloting a full day K program with three other teachers this year) and so I took this opportunity to get super creative for our 100th day of school!!!

Kindergarteners love to have fun so that was my only goal for the day....well, along with hitting standards and learning too!!  But learning is always fun!!

Some backstory....over the weekend I got together with my room mother and we decorated my room to surprise the kids!! We have a SUPER DUPER HUGE surprise for the kids at the end of the day so.... the two videos below to hear more about our fun!!  Also, follow me on Instagram (@totallyelementary) for more fun pics and videos from behind the scenes.

Below are my two videos detailing the fun for our day!! (I got interrupted by my little one halfway through so good things come in twos!!)


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